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SMART Cleaning Services offer contract window cleaning in Kendal, The Lake District, Kirkby Lonsdale, Windermere, Ambleside, Casterton, Lancaster, Morecambe and the North West, as well as a full range of window cleaning services.

We use whatever is best for your building; from Reach and Wash poles to the more traditional approach on the outside, and the latest technological approach to internal window cleaning, the Dragon Fly System.

Reach & Wash is:

  • Cleaner
  • Safer
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Less intrusive
  • And gives superior results
Reach and Wash cleaning system

At SMART Cleaning Services, Reach & Wash is our speciality for cleaning windows up to 65ft from the ground, making us you ideal window cleaning contractor.

The Reach & Wash System is made up of telescopic poles with various attachments which enable us to effectively clean, even those hard to reach windows. Because we are not using ladders, your privacy is maintained and our operatives are in a safer working environment.

Pure water technology called reverse osmosis provides superior results. The water is filtered by our van mounted system to produce 100% laboratory grade pure water, which provides a perfectly sterile finish with no chemicals or detergent deposits left on the glass.

The Dragon Fly System utilises the reverse osmosis technology, and makes internal window cleaning easier than ever before. A fine mist of pure water is sprayed directly onto the glass via a hip-mounted belt which means that you get quality cleaned windows with no droplets, no mess and no need to move valuable and electrical equipment, or furniture. And because the cleaning plate is extendable, there is no need for ladders and hard to reach windows can easily sparkle once more.

What makes us successful?

Cleaning tall office windows outside

Our water is filtered from our own van mounted system which produces 100% laboratory grade water enabling a perfectly sterile finish. With no chemical residue left on the glass windows do not soil as quickly, staying cleaner for longer.

Smarter - Safer - Cost Effective

We are contract window cleaning specialists and will be happy to provide a quote for you.

Commercial Cleaning - Industrial buildings - Large hotels - Guest houses - Factories - Stately homes - Offices

Fascia, Frame and Canopy cleans are also part of our complete, high quality cleaning service.

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